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Mindwerx International helps individuals and business teams in private, public and government organisations, to generate new product/service ideas, improve business productivity, and creatively solve problems.  Our team is ready to help you achieve your goals by inspiring creativity and innovation at all levels.

  • Bill and Jennifer

    Who we are...

    • Established in 1998 to promote the need for creativity and innovation
    • Pioneers in Deliberate Creative Thinking as a skill anyone can develop
    • Following great thinking Explorers like Edward de Bono, Tony Buzan, and more
    • To widen the pathways to success for others to follow and settle.
    Who we are
  • What we do...

    • Education, including conference presentations, on creativity and innovation
    • Leading edge training in Applied Creativity & Innovation
    • Facilitation to help teams creatively finds the solutions needed
    • Coaching and consulting on creating cultures of creativity and innovation
    What we do
  • How we do it...

    • Tailored In-house and Public professional development programs
    • Structured approaches to design facilitations that deliver you results 
    • Our Mind Academy of blended and fully online eLearning and training
    • An eStore of leading edge Mind Stuff products to inspire creativity
    How we do it
  • Our toolkit...

    • The Applied Creativity & Innovation divergent/convergent thinking process
    • Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking, and DATT
    • Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps®, Speed Reading, and Enhanced Memory
    • 101 Creative Problem Solving techniques to help you achieve success
    Our toolkit

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