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eCourse: How to Mind Map

How to Mind Map To support Tony Buzan's vision of Global Mental Literacy, and the mission of both Mindwerx and the Buzan Centre, we have prepared a 10 Day Free eCourse to teach you how to Mind Map effectively.

Over ten easy to follow lessons we are going to explain what a Mind Map is, how to create one, and explore the uses and benefits of Mind Mapping.  We’ll also show you why Mind Maps work and look at where and how to get the most from your Mind Maps. 

In later lessons we’ll look at Mind Maps for summarising a book, for capturing your Life Goals, for developing a strategic plan, and for creating a memorable presentation.  Then we’ll show you where and how you can go even further with Mind Mapping to unleash your genius.

So get started by registering below, and your first lesson will be sent shortly, along with our next eLetter.

How to Mind Map eCourse