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Advanced Learning Programs

Buzan Advanced Learning Programs - Unique and Creative Blended Learning

Buzan programs - the Best of the Best Our Buzan Centre @ Mindwerx International professional development programs are unique in that they help you ‘Upgrade Your Neck-Top Computer®’ - that is boost the power of your amazing brain so you can excel at accomplishing the important tasks that challenge us all today. 

Our programs help people learn to learn, to think more creatively, and to work more successful in teams.  Each of our programs is a blended learning engagement designd to inspire participants in face-to-face interactive workshops, followed by post-workshop online material that sustains their learning. 

This approach dramatically increases the take-up of new techniques and promotes practical application. 

Buzan Programs from Mindwerx include:-



We are also offer conference presentations and lunch & learn sessions on:-
  • Mapping Your Business, Career or Life Success Strategy

 Buzan keynote presentations reach 1000s each year

  • Managing Information Overload


  • ... and we can design talks targeted at your needs, people or event purpose. Email is now to see how we can support you.  Info[at]mindwerx[dot]com


Jennifer in Action

Find out more about our Lunch & Learn presentations and Insights To Action keynotes and how we can help make your next conference a massive success.


Mindwerx and the Buzan Centre offer leading edge blended training that is adapted for your team.  We understand that teams have goals and objective to be acheived and how insights, tools and training can be effectively applied to help meet those goals.

Tailored in-house training and facilitations are are primary focus, and we can creat exactly the right programs for you and your people - from short half-day introductions, to a series of engagement both face-to-face and online that run over several months. 

See how we can tailor In-House Programs for you or email us and we'll talk it through with you. info[at]mindwerx[dot]com