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Managing Information Overload

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Managing Information Overload
Maximise your capacity to absorb new information and sustain high performance!


Bill Jarrard & Jennifer Goddard, Mindwerx International


Every day, people are confronted by vast amounts of new information flowing towards them from a multitude of sources.  Almost everyone feels overwhelmed at some point when trying to absorb, understand and apply this new information.   The impact on individuals varies from simple time wasting to serious health problems, while for organisations the effect is compounded into a massive loss of productivity and poor performance.   

This white paper explores the causes of Information Overload, described as “an excess of information that results in an inability to concentrate on tasks and stay focused”, and presents a model for better Managing Information Overload that involves eight areas of consideration and skill development.  By understanding and taking action in these eight areas, the benefits for the individual and their organisation are significant.

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We also have a free email based eCourse on Managing Information Overload and other topics, if you want to learn more. 

Creation date: 
2 Jun 2012
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