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Global Financial Crisis – What crisis?

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From midway through 2008 and early 2009 we started talking about the GFC and whether or not it would be the disaster so many commentators were predicting. 

Our view was that while for some it would hit hard, the majority would be okay, and those that didn’t shy away from doing business and even looked to do more, would excel.  And that is what has happened. 

At Mindwerx we changed our own business model, which now allows us to live on the Gold Coast, and travel and work almost anywhere we wish, while still responding to our clients as we always have. 

In the last year, we spent 14 weeks overseas – including South Africa, Egypt, Singapore and the USA, and business is strong.  For many of our friends and clients we are seeing some great successes as they take the slowdown in one area as an opportunity to explore new opportunities, train staff, and introduce changes to the way they think about things.

What has your experience been?  We hope you have continued to invest in your people, taken time to rethink your strategies, and got energised for the fantastic year ahead.  Remember, as a wonderful mentor of mine once said “Where there is chaos there is opportunity” and “You never know how far you can go until you get your fingers burnt, so go get your fingers burnt.”

It staggers us to see once successful large companies introduce such strict rules on what their managers and people can do, that essentially all initiative is drying up. 

In the last two weeks we have ‘fired’ two clients who are now too hard to work with, while we have welcomed several great new clients that are investing in the future.  We love working with people committed to staying in the game, even when things may seem tough.

On the other end of the scale is BUPA (HBA, MBF) the health insurance group, one of our long standing clients, where we have been running workshops for several years.  In this last round of work we ran 11 workshops with them in less than two months – including our Upgrade Your Neck-Top Computer and Applied Creativity & Innovation programs. 

Amongst a lot of great feedback we got was one particular comment that we believe indentifies BUPA as a great organisation.  It was: “Thanks to BUPA for letting us do this (Upgrade Your Neck-Top Computer). I am very grateful to be part of this wonderful company”.

So congratulations to all those people and organisations that have taken the time to use what for many was a tough period, and make the very most of it.