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Brain Trust Charity and Brain of The Year Award

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The Brain Trust Charity hosted its Annual Dinner last night to announce this year's Brain of The Year Award.  We are particularly excited to advise that the winner is the originator of Lateral Thinking, renowned author and lecturer, and the recently-elected European Union Global Ambassador for Thinking, Professor Edward de Bono.

Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Tony Buzan who founded the Brain Trust Charity
in 1990 with one objective:

To maximise the ability of each and every individual to unlock
and deploy the vast capacity of his or her Brain.

The Award was presented by Baroness Susan Greenfield, Director of the Royal Institution, and recipient of last year’s Brain Trust  Award.

We started Mindwerx in 1998 having been inspired by the work of Dr de Bono, and Tony Buzan, whose techniques we have been using for almost 25 years.  Over the last ten years Mindwerx and the Buzan Centre: Aust/NZ (which we started in 2000) have run countless programs on Deliberate Creative Thinking and Advanced Learning based on the work of these two great brains. 

Edward de Bono's serious creativity techniques such as
Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking gave us great tools to facilitate creative thinking events with clients, while Tony Buzan's Mind Maps, Speed Reading and Memory techniques have inspired others to unleash their brain's potential.  We have now accredited more than 150 Buzan Licensed Instructors.

So it is our great delight that Tony's Brain Trust Charity is presenting this prestigious award to our other mentor Dr de Bono, and we congratulate them both for their outstanding achievements.

Read more about the other nominees and the Brain Trust Charity Dinner on Mind Events on


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I'm very glad of  Professor

I'm very glad of  Professor Edwad de Bono.He must be a  great man.I'd like to find out more about his life. I like to read biographies and often find them at the rapidshare SE. It is a pity that their work was accepted during their lifetime. In fact, it is a common feature of the scientists.

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It would be hard to find a

It would be hard to find a more deserving candidate! My congratulations go out into the ether to Dr de Bono - I'm proud to posses a brain that has been so poignantly improved by his! 

In the words of countless hungry zombies, "MORE BRAINS!!!"