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Edward de Bono on The Business Voice

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I am now following (and being followed by) The Business Voice - on Twitter.  BVO is a relatively new and brilliant looking site with video interviews of world leaders.  High quality and wonderfully relevant, and I recommend you have a look right after you finish reading this blog.

My first BVO viewing was an interview with my mentor of many years, Edward de Bono.  I first met Edward in 1986 when he was in Melbourne launching his book Six Thinking Hats.  At that time we only spoke very briefly, when I bought ten copies of his books for my management team, but we started using them the next day.  Since then I have run countless Six Hats sessions and trained or introduced 1000s of people to this and other de Bono tools. In fact just yesterday I ran another short facilitation using Six Thinking Hats and Zing to generate ideas on an eBook.

As an accredited de Bono trainer it has been my delight to share Edward’s principles and methods with people all over the world.  In fact I once, many years ago now, actually facilitated a session using de Bono tools, at the de Bono Institute with Edward as a participant.  It was group of about a dozen developing a submission to go to the United Nations.

In the 13 minute BVO interview, Edward is at his best, and the questions are excellent and relevant, and I really like the new message being delivered about thinking.  That is that current thinking is excellent, but not enough.  In terms of Deliberate Creative Thinking this is exactly the theme Mindwerx has been carrying for the last ten years, inspired by amongst many others, the tools and techniques developed by Edward de Bono.  Do yourself a service and watch this video.

Edward de Bono on

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