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iMindMap 5 is Coming

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iMindMap 5 and iMindMap Online are coming

This is Fantastic News just released. iMindMap 5 and iMindMap Online are coming in February 2011, and anyone that buys iMindMap 4 before February 14 will get a Free Upgrade to iMindMap 5 and 3 months Free access to iMindMap Online.

iMindMap is already the best true Mind Mapping software and is the official software deveoped and endorsed  by Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Maps. And this new version isn't just a tweaking ob the previous version, it is a fully redeveloped packaged to take your computer Mind Maps to a whole new level.

We can hardly wait to get it out to all our clients and customers.  But there is no need to delay buying it now.  ThinkBuzan have announced that anyone buying and version of iMindMap 4 now will be able to Upgrade Free to the equivalent version of iMindMap 5.  Plus they will get Free access to iMindMap Online for 3 months.

Find out more about iMindMap 5 now.

iMindMap 5 is coming