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JP Rangaswami: Information is food

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Managing Information Overload with Mindwerx How do we consume information?

In a new TED Talk technologist JP Rangaswami muses on our relationship to information, and offers a surprising and sharp insight: we treat it like food.

Fascinating for me was that he likened the challenge of Information Overload, as being a problem with consumption (as it is with food), which reflects our view that it is how you Manage Information Overload that really counts.  

In our new White Paper to be published in the next day or two we look at the causes of Information Overload and how you can take practical steps to be mentally and physically fit to consume more of the right kind of information without overloading. 

Just like with food the key to success is not just to try to avoid information, but to instead develop skills to savour it. 

I highly recommend this 8 minute TED Talk at