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Invitation to 7th International Innovation Day for schools worldwide

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Below is a message and invitation from MRS MANJU NAUTIYAL, Convener of the 7th International Innovation Day and Principal, of City Montessori School in Lucknow India that we are please to pass on to our contacts.  It is an invitation to schools worldwide to participate in their creativity and innovation competition, which Mindwerx and the Buzan Centre have been supporting for a couple of years now.

In fact Jennifer and I are delighted to review the Mind Mapping competition (just one of several great events), and if last year's top Mind Maps are any sign, then we expect to again see some truly wonderful contributions.

Whether you are involved in business or education, I recommend you have a look at this site.  If you are a School get involved now - the kids will love.  And if you have children yourself - flag this event to their school and encourage them to get involved.  It brings the world together creatively.  Read the invitation below, where you will also find the website link.



Dear Principals of eminent schools/colleges of the World,

Warm Greetings from our institution. One of the greatest gifts to mankind is the capacity to think anew and to create. The International Innovation Day Contest is now in its seventh edition to commemorate the vision of Bharat Ratna, H.E. Dr. A.P.J. Kalam. This event aims at encouraging innovation and creativity and thinking outside the box amongst the students. It hopes to spark interest not only in science and technology, but also in social science and art by challenging them to come up with a novel idea or invention that either solves a problem, improves on an existing product or solution, or makes life easier.

The contest aims to help students unlock their creative potential by teaching them to become, among other things, more open to experimentation, more comfortable with ambiguity and less afraid of failure.

Every idea changes the world, some more successfully than others. The ideas with the most power are the ones shared among many people. The ideas on which we dwell, discuss, meditate, visualize in great detail, immerse ourselves in these, are the ideas that spread. These are the ideas that change the world on a grand scale.

Inspiring, provocative and challenging, this annual event is about inviting students to broaden their color palette. May be they have always favoured blue and green, but if the students open these pages and try a few brush strokes of purple, they might be amazed at the results. So please encourage your students take up the brush and let it fly.

It is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the 7th IID competitions. The International Innovation Day offers a unique opportunity to the students of class VI to XII from around the world to submit their innovations in the following fields:-

  1. Creative Writing Contest,
  2. Poster Making Contest,
  3. Essay Writing contest,
  4. Inventor Project Making Contest,
  5. Portrait Making Contest,
  6. Calligraphy Contest and
  7. Mind Mapping Contest

The events will be held in three groups:-

  • Group A (11 to 13 years) Classes VI, VII, VII
  • Group B (14 to 15 years) Classes IX, X\
  • Group C (16 to 18 years) Classes XI, XII

This is an off campus event. The entries will be accepted through email, fax or by post. The last date for entries to reach us is 20th September, 2012.

All students are encouraged to participate in this competition, which will certainly prove to be both an exciting experience and opportunity.

May you all make innovations a way of life.



Convener, 6th International Innovation Day
Principal, City Montessori School
Jopling Road Branch, 
Lucknow – 226001
Mobile: +91-9415004338
Phones : +91 - 0522 - 2207747, 2207617; 
Fax:+91 - 0522 - 2207617
E-mails: joplingroad[at]cmseducation[dot]org
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