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The Most Important Graph in The World

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This is a simple repost of a blog I did in April, as Tony Buzan and Jennifer Goddard's new book is now available.


Jennifer and I just spent the last two days at our District Rotary Conference, hearing some remarkable stories and meeting a lot of great people. One of the key speakers was 'Nobody' or in other words John Eales the champion Rugby player, who's nickname "Nobody" comes from the saying "Nobody's perfect" in reference to John's reputation as the perfect Rugby player.

In his talk on Composure Under Pressure, John made a reference to his career and to those of many others, and one line he said related to memory "You remember your first game, you remember your last game, and you remember some outstanding games in between".

The Most Important Graph in The World  What was interesting in this is that he has basically just reflected on the memory principles of success in Jennifer's new book, written with Tony Buzan, about The Most Important Graph in The World (MIG).


  • The first game is the Primacy effect.
  • The last game is the Recency effect
  • And the ones that stand out in between represent those that are Outstanding through Association, and/or made outstanding due to the Von Restorff effect.

MIG demonstrates how understanding simple memory principles can show you a path to real success, and in a couple of weeks The Most Important Graph in The World will launch worldwide via Amazon and through our websites.

Watch for it soon, as MIG is embodied within the end game of Managing Information Overload.

You can read a preview of the book including the Foreword Tony and Jennifer asked me to write.  See attached

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