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Brain Break Imagineering

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Imagineering Need an idea? Take a nap!

I’ve always been a visual person, which is why I like the creative thinking skill of Imagineering – imagine what might be and engineer it into reality.

So when a Byte Stories email arrived telling me a competition for best liked stories ended in 48 hours, I knew I had to take action.

So I went for a quick nap – me, Missy our little dog and Jen even joined me after a few minutes.

As I stretched out I placed a clear focus in my mind to work on – come up with a Byte Story topic readers would value and like, that I could write and post within 30 minutes.

My mind wondered over past events, near and distant – things I’d done, people I’d met, stories of my kids and family, and more.

It was pleasing and relaxing to recall some good times and fun events, and I knew I’d have a great topic soon.

This was the sort of creativity I enjoyed, letting images and memories float by, connecting with new thoughts until an answer, design or solution appears.

Then something Jen said hit me, why not do a story on how to take Brain Breaks for generating creative new ideas?

Brilliant – simple and hopefully of value for you the reader.

When you’re stuck looking for an answer or idea, sometimes the best thing to do is to just relax and stop concentrating.

Go for a walk, hang out some laundry, or have a nap and let your mind just wonder around what you’re trying to think about.

Then when the idea strikes, get to work and make it happen. 

This approach is a long standing and effective creativity technique.

Edison was famous for his cat-naps, and our friend Tony Buzan likes to write poetry after a short nap. So give it a try.

Imagineering in action! Good luck.

And if you liked this article, please go the Byte Stories website and like it there for me as well. And if you're so inclined why not write your own Byte Story as well.


The above story was the one I submitted to Byte Stories and within 2 days it got 81 reads and 30 likes, which was great. 

I like the discipline of Byte Stories as I'm limited to 1500 characters (~250 words) and it hones my skills of being more succinct.

In this case I also enjoyed sharing the concept of imagineering which is one of the key tools we use in many of the creative facilitations we do with corporate clients. 

Over the last 15 years we've worked with dozens, probably hundreds of corporate businesses, not for profits, and government bodies in 15 countries helping them develop new growth strategies, solve complex problems, design new products or marketing strategies, and much more. 

And in many of these visualisation and imagineering plays a key role in focussing the team's efforts.

If you're planning a team event or doing some strategic thinking, I recommend you consider allowing some time for imagineering. 

And of course if I can be of help and support, don't hesitate to contact me any time - it is what I do most. 

See more on our facilitation services or email me at bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com