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Mindwerx Innovation Survey 2015 - Results

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Mindwerx_Innovation_Survey_2015 Our latest Innovation Survey has revealed some interesting, although not always surprising, results about the state of innovation in organizations today. 

For example in response to the question:

Innovation, intrapreneurship, and creativity are generally seen as vital to sustained success. How well are they understood in your organisation?

  • Only 10% of respondents said 'Innovation, creativity & intrapreneurship are thriving and actioned throughout the organisation.'
  • Another 25% said 'Leadership actively encourages creativity and intrapreneurship to promote innovation'
  • Unfortunately 37% said 'Mentioned in strategy plans and values, but little in the way of action or just sporadically done'
  • And roughly 15% indicated 'Not at all, just buzz words'


Download the details on this question below.

Critical and Creative Thinking Techniques

On another question only 17% indicated that 'Critical and creative thinking tools are widely used and are delivering results.'

While 30% said there was little or no evidence of the use of creative thinking methods and tools.

For those who participated on the Innovation Survey, thank you once again, and we'll organise to send you a copy of the report as soon as we close the survey off.

If you haven't yet done the survey, there is still a little time, so take the survey now.  It only takes a few minutes.


Bill and the team at Mindwerx

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