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Imagineering: The Power of Visualization (and Action)

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I’ll only believe it when I see it!  You’ll only see it when you believe it!  

Which one is correct? Are they both correct? If so, which comes first?  These are tough questions, and perhaps they lie at the heart of real success, and real innovation, and whether we can achieve it or not. 

For at least 25 years I have been fascinated by these questions, and have felt both statements are accurate, but one is more powerful than the other in motivating real action. 

In my recent article I look at the Power of Visualization and Imagineering to develop an understanding of the gap between where we are now, and a preferred future. 

Read it now.

To look more closely at this we also have a free event coming up to look at how Imagineering can be used as a vital strategic thinking approach, to help people to 'see and believe in a shared future.

Join us on 19 July in South Melbourne