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IPhone Apps

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Have you got an iPhone yet? We had ours long before they arrived in Australia thanks to our friends in the US, and upgraded to the latest version as soon as they arrived here.

If you are like us, you will know that the real power in an iPhone is the available of Apps for it – 100,000 plus we hear. And what a great set of apps they have – both free and very inexpensive.

Recently Bill was having trouble reading a label (tough getting old isn’t it) so he downloaded iCanSee a ‘magnifying glass’ using the iPhone Camera.

Another useful App is WB Pro, which again uses the iPhone camera to capture, edit and store White Board images – very handy in our line of work.

For creative types, have a look at Idea Stimulator, which has a random activity function to help generate ideas on demand.

And of course the feature App for us is having iMindMap on the iPhone – so you can now Map Map with iMindMap wherever you are.

Let us know about the iPhone Apps you love best