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How to remember Names and Faces

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Just ran another great workshop on how to improve your memory and be more memorable - using the techniques outlined in Tony Buzan's books including "The Memory Book"  
(Other books to improve your Memory

Here is a mind map I created around the 'social etiquette' system which is the best way to remember people at workshops, conferences, meetings, and any sort of social gathering.
(You can download a copy of the Mind Map by clicking on the link below)

12 Easy Steps to remember Names and Faces

This is a verbal description of the key words and images in the Mind Map

1. Prime your brain – mentally prepare and tell your brain to concentrate and remember
You can also prime your brain by previewing the list of attendees
2. Look and observe any distinctive features

3. Listen – and hear the name. Verify any pronunciation
4. Link their name to someone you may already know, someone famous
10% of people have an unusual name or feature which makes it easier to link i.e. someone tall and thin named ‘Rod”
You can make the links silly and substitute the name “sounds like”

5. Exaggerate a feature to help their name stick in your mind

6. Exchange business cards in a memorable way – i.e. with both hands and make a note on the card to remind you about the person. Networking is about adding value to those you meet, so add a key word on what you offered to send them

7. Repeat their name a number of times over the conversation – immediately on being introduced “Hi John, pleased to meet you”, repeat internally and when saying goodbye.

8. If they have an interesting name ask them about its history, meaning, origin

9. Pace yourself – take time – don’t rush and shake everyone hand at once if you can help it

10. Build your skill – develop your memory techniques over time by focusing on really remembering one person’s name at an event. Next time try two, next three.

11. Have fun and enjoy meeting new people.

12. Review the people you have met a day or so after the event. Try to remember what they looked like. Perhaps keep a quick Mind Map on key people in an organisation

I used iMindMap to create this worksheet - it is a simple and effective way to synthise your thinking and communciation go to to download a free trail.

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