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YES, Virginia, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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In fact, all neuroscientists are recommending that you learn new things in order to age-proof your brain.

There are 3 key things you can do :-

1. Give your brain strong mental tasks - like start your PhD. at 50, learn a new language at 60. It needs to be something challenging - not just sudoko - because our brains are lazy and want to get away with not working  if they can.

2. Physical Exercise – We have all seen the research that cardio exercise and strength building programs are good for our bodies. Just 30 minutes a day mixing up how you use your different muscles – So go on, do it! 

3. Social Interactions – being part of the community, volunteering, taking the family to Art Galleries are all great for your brain.

We encourage our kids to learn new things and tell them to be patient. Take your own advice and give yourself time to learn a new skill or do something you have always wanted to learn. 

Thinking of Bucket Lists… I saw a recent segment on TV and it got me thinking.... Even though I used to have a shocking memory, I am now chief judge at World Memory Championships!

This year the competition will be held in Beijing (Dec 2011) & I have always wanted to learn Mandarin.

Being dyslexic & in past having severe troubles learning (My memory is improving which is why I ORGANISE the competition, not PARTICIPATE in it :-), learning Mandarin will be a big tick on my bucket list!

I'm thinking of blogging or doing a story of my progress as I complete this challenge -sharing insights, lessons, pitfalls etc
What do you think?
What is on Your Bucket List?

Why not do it now?