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What Tony Buzan Revealed about Michael Jackson in his official Biography

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The Official Biography of TONY BUZAN
In his official Biography "The man who introduced the world to Mind Maps, Tony Buzan reveals that he loyally waited until after Michael Jackson's untimely demise before revealing details about their relationship. In a full explosive chapter Tony shares his experiences with "one of the most stupendous and charismatic personalities of all time, and with his three children".
... the first thing Jackson did on Tony's arrival was to ask all him about Leonardo Da Vinci.
"He was fascinated by the idea of geniuses, from Alexander the Great to Charlie Chaplin and Muhammad Ali, but he didn't consider himself as one of them. He was very humble. He saw himself as a student."
..."The children (Prince, Paris and 'Blanket') were fast learners like their father, who was probably the best pupil I've had." Tony witnessed no tantrums or raised voices.
This fascinating book takes a look inside the mind of Tony Buzan, the man who invented Mind Mapping and taught the world a whole new way of thinking.
Read about the inspirations, influences, discoveries and challenges on his journey to help royalty, global figures, celebrities, governments, business leaders, and how he has transformed educational theory and practice around the world.
In Raymond Keene’s comprehensive book, hear from Tony in his own words about his passion for Mental Literacy and his belief that Genius is present in every one of us.
Here is a sneak peak at the table of contents ...
PART ONE – Enigma and Solutions
1. Dodging The Doodle Bugs 
2. The Redefinition Of Intelligence And The Re-Evaluation Of Knowledge
3. Mightier Than The Sword
4. Praeceptor Orbis Terrarum (Teacher of the World) 
5. The Franklin Lecture-Unlocking Potential
6. Close Encounters With Michael Jackson
7. Master Of Memory
8. Mens Sana- Mind Sports (A Healthy Mind)
9. In Corpore Sano - Sportsman (A Healthy Body)
10. Loving Humanity
PART TWO – Mind Mapping
11. A Man So Various
12. Professor Barry Buzan On The Invention Of Mind Maps
13. Mind Mapping Explained 
14. Buzan Diagrams Aka Mind Maps
15. Mind Map that Beat the Federation
PART THREE – Global Mental Literacy
16. Tributes From Friends And Colleagues
17. As Nestor To Agamemnon
18. Tony In Turkey
19. The Banner Of Mental Literacy
PART FOUR – Spiritual Progression 
20. The Tony Buzan Parables
The Parable Of The Lover Of Memory
The Parable Of Creativity And IQ
The Parable Of The Angel Mind Mapper
The Parable Of The Invention Of Light
The Parable Of Persistence
The Parable Of “Work”
The Parable Of Austin’s Powers
The Parable Of Moon Numbers
The Parable of Metabolic Age and the Japanese Song Birds
The Parable Of The Disabled Learner
The Parable Of Alexander The Great And Paul The Disciple
21. Letter Of Invitation From His Majesty King Abdullah II Of The Hashemite Kingdom Of Jordan
22. Nobel Peace Prize Nomination
23. Faith Religion Spirituality and The Dalai Lama
24. Structure In Hyperspace
PART FIVE – Poetry and Art
25. Realms Of Gold
26. Unpublished Poem By Ted Hughes
27. Salatticum Poets
28. Mind Magician
29. All The World’s His Stage
30. Multiple Meanings in The Art Of Lorraine Gill
PART SIX - Appendices
A. Global Locations
B. Tony’s Books
C. Magna Memoria-The Great Memory Charter
d. Creations/ Accomplishments/Awards And Themes
Closing Poems by his mum Jean Buzan
Tony Buzan has published 120 books in 150 countries, translated into 40 languages!
Author, Ray Keene OBE, is a chess Grandmaster, MA from Trinity College Cambridge, where he shared lodgings with HRH The Prince of Wales, Chess Correspondent for The Times and long term colleague and friend of Tony Buzan. He is also the co-founder with Tony of the World Memory Championships.
PUBLICATION DATE: June 2nd 2013 (Tony’s 71st birthday!)
ISBN 978-1-908691-53-8 UK £20 432 pages. Colour