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A Guide to the World and National Memory Championships.

Australian Memory Champ Tansel Ali and Jennifer Goddard Mindwerx International and the Buzan Centre: Australia/NZ run the Australian Memory Championships, and Director Jennifer Goddard is also Senior Arbiter for  the World Memory Championships - held in different spots around the world - UK, Malaysia, Bahrain, and China in recent years.

In two free to view eModules Jennifer explains the basic rules of the National Competition, which vary slightly from the World Competition in the times for each challenge.  She uses these to train her team of Arbiters prior to arriving in each country, and is similar to many Online Training Mindwerx does through our Online Academy.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Australian or World Memory Championships, or if you'd like to support or participate in these competitions please email  

This is the first of two eModules.  When you want to see the second eModule click here.

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