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This fully online program developed by Mindwerx International can be tailored to suit the needs of any organisation.  It can be run as a series of modules to be ‘rolled out’ over time with a specific group, or made available through your Learning Management System so your staff can access modules as they wish. 

Mindwerx can also add specialized modules, specifically relevant to your organisation.

It is also available for adoption by universities looking to enhance their online offering, and has already running with the University of Southern Maine (USM), USA, within their Leadership and Organisational Studies program, and parts of it have also been used in Australia at Swinburne University, as part of the Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI) program, and the University of Ballarat’s MBA program. 

It is also available to anyone as a self-managed eProgram - and you can see an overview of the 12 eModules hereYou can purchase individual eModules or the full program on our eStore.

For information on having this program run for your organisation or university email

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