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Participant Feedback

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Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Feedback

For more than ten years this Deliberate Creativity & Innovation program was run as a classroom based full second year Masters subject as part of Swinburne University's Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI) program.  Bill was convenor/lecturer for teh subject and Jennifer was a regular guest lecturer.  The program itself was also run in Israel for 8 years, and for the University of Ballarat in Australia and Hong Kong.

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Loved it!! It was fantastic

"Loved it!!  It was fantastic and I can really see how I can apply it in both my professional and personal lives.  As a lawyer I need tools and techniques to remember complex data and information, I need planning techniques and keeping things fun and interesting.  Your course did that for me." 
…   Pet-Gai McLaughlin, GSO

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I enjoyed using the Online Platform

Hi Bill,
I wanted to write concerning how much I enjoyed using the online eLessons during my course of Creativity & Innovation at Swinburne University. I found the videos to be very helpful tools in expanding my thinking.  I have been telling everyone I know about the tools I have gained through this site I look forward to reaping many rewards from their use.

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This is a great program

I also took this course as a student from the University of Southern Maine. Like the students who posted before me, I am a working student who is wrapping up my undergraduate degree. I loved using fuzz2buzz for each module, as it was a different, more interactive online concept than some of my other courses.

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Overall, I loved the course!

Participating in this course for a semester was an engaging pursuit.  Each module contains valuable concepts that may be immediately utilized to create and innovate at home, at school and at work.  The tools and ideas are presented in a digestable way and students have the ability to practice new skills in a test environment - online with peers - prior to putting them to use.  As a human resources professional at a large insurance company in Southern Maine and as a student at the University of Southern Maine, participating in this program helped me learn how to harness creati

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Highly Beneficial

I participated in this program as a student University of Southern Maine. This online course was taken during my final semester as a student who had already begun working in beverage industry 8 years ago...

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I felt it was the key to unlock unlimited potential

"I felt it was the key I had been looking for to unlock unlimited potential and I can see many uses to put it to.  Can't wait!"  …    Brian Varney, GSO