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Can we use Mind Mapping in everyday lives?

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Mary asked -  What can we use Mind Mapping for in our everyday lives?


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Mary... Great question,


Great question, Thanks. There are so many uses for Mind Maps that I could go on and on about this, but I guess in depends a bit on what we think of as 'everyday lives'.  For many their everyday life is very much about work, this is particularly so for small business owners and sole traders, where work and 'life' are often wrapped up with each other.  For others everyday life is about the community or charity work they do, or committees, such as school committees they may be involved with.  But I'm guessing you mean the day to day family life we all have in many different ways.

Of course in the end it doesn't matter, as Mind Maps can be used in all these situations.  The uses for Mind Maps for work focussed people includes planning strategies, such as Marketing, Sales, Growth, etc.  Perhaps thinking through an upcoming negotiation, or making key decisions.

For community focussed people, Mind Maps are great to capture the thinking of committee meetings, planning events such as school fetes, fund raising events, and much more.  For example Bill and I are members of a couple of clubs and we might use a Mind Map to plan an event such as the Christmas Camping Cruiser Run.

Around the house you can use a Mind Map to plan the week's meals, upcoming events such as birthday parties, and even helping the kids manage their school workload.  A great use for a Mind Map is to plan a wedding, where there are so many interconnected issues, and for that I like to use Mind Mapping software such as MindGenius or iMindMap.

To get started why don't you plan an upcoming birthday to see what impact Radiant Thinking has on making it a great success.  Good luck and thanks again for a great question.  I hope this helped.

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