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Feedback from TIES Conference - Dec 2010

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Here is just some of the feedback from when Jennifer did her inspring talk "iThink Therefore iMindMap" at the TIES 2010 Education Technology Conference in Minneapolis in December 2010.

    * Wow! Such a simple way to help students
    * Thank you for the wonderful and stimulating presentation. I want to learn more how iMindMap can help me on my dissertation writing and research.
    * Love Mind Maps! Thank you :-)
    * Very Interesting! Thank you
    * Wonderful tool! I've made Mind Maps for years but certainly not at this level! Thank you!
    * Great job. Fascinating
    * I love this way of presenting.
    * Cool. Great ideas. I often have students put vocab in their own forms. I think I may continue that AND present vocab with Mind Mapping.
    * Great presentation, funny, informative, to the point, great ideas.
    * Great presentor. Perhaps earlier in day. Great info but a bit on overload.
    * Far exceeded my expectations!
    * Thanks for the visuals!

In her online and face-to-face programs Jennifer promotes the use of great Mind Mapping software such as iMindMap. But the real power comes from understanding how the mind works, and how Mind Maps and radiant thinking are made even more powerful.