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How to Mind Map and Laws of Mind Mapping

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This Mind Map shows you the key laws/elements of Mind Maps

The second Page is the detailed description of What is a Mind Map, Uses and benefits for using Mind Maps

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For quite sometime I thought

For quite sometime I thought a mind map to be an excellent memory booster, but now I realise that it is not. It's true that it simulates the organic nature of the thinking process, but is it the reason as to why we go for it? I know memory is based on association, keywords and pictures.However, when one mind maps then it becomes quite difficult to keep in mind the sequence that exists among the different branches. So the mind map itself becomes a burden. However, if the map lies before you, then, to some extent it is helpful or else I am not convinced of its use.

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Hi, and thanks for your

Hi, and thanks for your comments.

I think the problem you may be having is that you are missing the concept that a Mind Map is beautifully hierarchical and ordered.  While it is organic there is no difficulty with sequencing if that is what you need.

For example the summary of a book or article, or the draft of speech or project is much easier to recall than many pages of linear notes or unrelated bullet points.  The problem is that many so-called Mind Maps promoted by some people are not really the same as conceived by Tony Buzan - they don't understand the concepts of memory, and indeed Tony created Mind Maps as a superb memory tool.  Mind Maps come from his study of memory.

So with a Mind Map just remember the sequence is from the centre and radiates out versus a down the page linear list, and Order can be introduced by numbering or in the final draft by sequencing branches from 1:00 o'clock around to 11:00 o'clock.  This makes 'seeing' them very easy.

And lastly remember that a Mind Map is often the 'start' of the thinking process and will be converted into more traditional formats such as an article, plan, speech etc.  Tony, Jennifer and I will always first Mind Map something we are working on, then convert it - every one of our books began as a Mind Map.

I hope that helps, and thanks for your input - very helpful to many I'm sure.


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