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Custom Programs to Suit Your Team

Mindwerx designs programs and services to meet your needs

All the Mindwerx Critical and Creative Thinking, and Advanced Learning programs can be tailored to the special needs of our clients, but even with the range of programs we have, there may still be a need to customise something special for you.

This may take the form of a programs like Critical & Creative Thinking or Deliberate Creativity & Innovation being designed over several weeks as we support designated teams working on a real project.

It could be a Mind Mapping or Speed Reading program with a special focus area.  For example we have designed workshops for the Police where the focus was on Ethical Decision Making, and another one for Inspectors of the Major Crime Squad.

Our Deliberate Creativity & Innovation program has been formatted into a fully online program for Universities and Colleges in the USA, Australia and Sri Lanka, with others on the way.

We have also used our extensive knowledge on Innovation to design talks and workshop aimed at specific groups or topics.  For example we have a program called Introduction to Innovation in the Public Service, that builds on our White Paper, blogs and study in this area.

Essentially if you have a specific need in mind, and you'd like to see if Mindwerx can help, please just email Bill at bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com, and we'll organise to have a chat with you - obligation free.