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The Brain Camp is Back

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Just to let existing BLIs and those currently undergoing training know that we have decided to bring the Brain Camps back - based on feedback, the current economic crisis and to realign with the UK model.

As you know, we constantly apply TEFCAS and always wanting to meet your needs and those of new BLIs

Read the 2009 Program overview :- to get a feel for the program and background.

It will be a four day program with a requirement to attend the one day Intro to Mind Mapping program with either myself or an existing BLI

We have changed the pricing to be on a user pays basis - BLIs in training will have to buy their copies of the Buzan books, software and other aspects we had bundled in. We have also reduced costs by not running them at an external venue etc.


In 2009, the dates for our BLI Brain Camps are 23-26 June, 22-25 Sept, and 8-11 Dec.

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