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Does an Acronym break the laws of Mind Mapping

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Had an interesting discussion with Tony Buzan on how you treat ACRONYMS in Mind Maps


In the Laws of Mind Mapping (On the How to Mind Map Pad)  click here to see it  that I created last year had a sub branch BOI then "Basic Ordering Ideas" on one line (see 11o'clock on the Mind Map)


Tony challenged me on it saying that it could be "Basic" then from that "Ideas","Sections" and a couple of other sub branches.


My goal was to show that you could have more than one word on a line if it was defining an acronym (or TLA)


So in this instance I chose to do it on one line - What would you have done? What would you recommend to others??


Do you think I should use Version 2 below where it has "Basic" "Ordering" " Ideas" as the main example??


Let me know if you would like this Mind Map as a Powerpoint slide to use in your presentations - Version 1 or version 2???





*(TLA is a Three Letter Acronym - bad pun I know)

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This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting question, and I would suggest that the answer really comes down to the purpose of what you are mapping at the time. If you are in a lecture / meeting and are using this to take notes and as a future memory aid to recall the details, then I would fully support the use of acronyms. If you are in a situation where you are looking for inspiration, innovation or to fully explore the possibilities then you are constraining your thought process by the use of an acronym as you have in essence used multiple words on a single branch. When you see the acronym, its meaning is expanded such as TLA (Three Letter Acronym) so that the context makes sense. This is one of those topics that could be argued both for and against and I for one will test this out in different scenarios to see what works best for me :-)

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