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how to fix the Central Image in iMindMap

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"I am trying to make the branches from my central image (sea container) come from behind the container and appear to be touching the container. To achieve this I need to remove the container from its background so that the central image is only the container, without the surrounding white background.


Jennifer suggested using a free programme called 'PAINT.NET'. This is a windows programme and not accessible using a Macintosh. I had a friend use 'Photoshop' to cut out the container and save as an EPS file.


IMindMap will not recognise an EPS file. If the container is cut out in 'Photoshop' and saved in another format it puts a white background back into the saved image.


How do I do this using a Macintosh?

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As you say, the key to

As you say, the key to making the main branches appear in a central image in iMindMap is to make the background transparent. Try to save the file photoshop file as a png - this is one of the formats that I know will keep the clear background - a jpeg will insert the white background again I did a quick google on Mac versions of and has some alternatives you may want to investigate CinePaint 0.23 Available for: windows mac linux unix java Started as a fork of the Gimp project, the goal is to create a more professional graphical editing application aimed at the movie industry. One of the major differences from Gimp is that CinePaint... Read more Gimp 2.6 Available for: windows mac linux unix Probably the oldest and most well-known open source graphic application - GNU Image Manipulation Program or Gimp was started in 1995 and has since then grown to the status it has today. Gimp is a... Read more Seashore 0.1.9 Available for: mac Seashore, an open source image editing program for the MacOS's Cocoa framework, stands somewhere between the old MacPaint and Photoshop. Its advantage lies in serving the basic image editing needs... Read more Gimpshop 2.2.11 Available for: windows mac linux If you feel at home in Photoshop, but need an open source alternative - Gimpshop is the way to go. Gimpshop is a hack made on top of the original Gimp project which changes all menus, dialogs, etc.,... Read more

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