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Welcome to this new initiative - and to being an Apprentice BLI

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While not quite the TV show "The Apprentice", this new Special Interest Group is designed to help you through the Buzan Accreditation process.

Combining online training and face-to-face workshops, we will explore the key elements and skills needed to be a Buzan Licensed Instructor.

BLIs definitely stand out from the crowd with their unique skills, understanding and passion.

Even if you are not planning to do the accreditation for a while, stay a member of this group to learn more about Mind Mapping and its application to business, education and home.

Please feel free to add any thoughts/ask any questions by creating a group discussion.

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I'm planning on doing the

I'm planning on doing the course in Aug 2010 in South-Africa if it's going to happen as planned.

Please see my maps on mindexchange and give me the full monty..I'm open for any feedback and eager to learn


thank you

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