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Edward de Bono's Lateral Thinking

Lateral Thinking to Provoke Creative Genius

Ideas from Nothing, I’d Like to See That!


Great ideas are not the result of luck, or some mysterious gift. Lateral Thinking™ provocatively challenges how the mind works and provides a deliberate systematic process that results in more creative and innovative thinking. Stimulating alternative ideas, generating provocative statements and using them to build new ideas, challenging the limits of traditional thinking and exploring the reasons why we do the things we do.   

Lateral ThinkingDeveloped of Dr Edward de Bono, this is the official Lateral Thinking program in which participants will learn to:

  • attack problems with more and better ideas to get immediate results
  • constructively challenge the organisation's current thinking
  • find valuable ideas and tailor them into useable, practical forms
  • spark their creativity on command to find alternative solutions
  • turn problems into opportunities
  • think outside the square


Creativity and innovation are the only engines that will drive a lasting success. This program has been tested and refined to ensure that you walk away with new thinking skills that enable you to think more creatively than ever. Lateral Thinking:

  • gives people the skills to generate practical new ideas - in minutes
  • makes innovation a key strategic advantage for your organisation
  • allows you to find solutions never dreamt of using traditional problem solving
  • gives you a method that can help your think your way to success


This is a fast paced interactive 1 or 2-day in-house workshop in which participants will:

  • Learn to Focus thinking to be seriously creative
  • Seek alternatives with techniques beyond Brainstorming
  • Break thinking patterns with Random Entry and Creative Association
  • Provoke creative thinking use Provocation and Movement
  • Learn to Harvest and Treat ideas to develop innovative solutions
  • Develop their own Creative Hit List to ensure ongoing skills development


Bill Jarrard of Mindwerx International, who has been using these tools for almost 30 years, and facilitates a program focused on the application of de Bono critical and creative thinking methods. Mindwerx also has access to instructors accredited by Dr Edward de Bono to present the official de Bono Six Thinking Hats program.

"At DuPont, we have many good examples of how our people have applied Dr de Bono's Lateral Thinking™ techniques to successfully solve difficult problems." David Tanner

“We can no longer wait for ideas to occur by chance or through the slow process of evolutionary pressure. There is a need to focus directly on the generation, design, and development of new ideas.”  …Edward de Bono

To Book or Organise this for your team

For more information on how we can tailor this progam for your team please email us at: team[at]mindwerx[dot]com.


© McQuaig Group .  Lateral Thinking is a trademark of Edward de Bono.

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