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Do you have an ALDI Brain?

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  We have done a quick revamp of our "Brain Bites" eletter - providing bite sized info, tips and links on the brain, learning, creative thinking and innovation.

Our other aim (though don't always succeed) is to keep it short so you can pick and choose
items of interest with links to blogs which items to read in more detail.

Feedback and suggestions for topics greatly appreciated. 

1. The Idea Box

The Idea Box is a matrix tool to invent new products, services and even solutions to tough problems (it was first outlined by Michael Michalko in his fantastic book ThinkerToys).

This is a fun 60 minute activity for your next team building workshop.

Learn how to use the Idea Box and download a template to get started...



Special Offers

To help you understand Critical Thinking and Deliberate Creative Thinking features a range of downloadable Mind Tools - Templates, Models and Posters such as the Idea Box.

2. Chindogu - Innovation or Not?

Innovation is the development of something new and unique, and may be original in design or a creative remixing of existing ideas.

There are numerous examples of very smart people being blinded to innovation by their perceptions of value.

We often need to challenge the way we see things.

It is only the lens you look through that determines the value.
There is no question Chindogu have great value - having made a billion people pause, think, chuckle and consider innovation.

More... What is a Chindogu and The Ten Tenets of Chindogu


Kenji Kawakami is the founder of the 10,000-member International Chindogu Society, and author of Chindogu - The Japanese Art of the Unuseless.

See a variety of Chindogu images in the Creativity Corner - Creative Photos.


3. iMindMap vs MindGenius vs MindManager

It feels like a new Mind Map program comes out each week - all with a different look, feel and usability.

We get many emails asking about the differences and if you have one product can you upgrade to another?

Read Comparison of  iMindMap vs MindGenius vs MindManager

This example of iMindMap is on how to speed read more...

FYI - The launch of iMindMap 5 is now set for 6 April.
In preparation, Buzan Master Trainer Jennifer Goddard is in Dubai next week with Tony Buzan and Chris Griffiths, CEO of ThinkBuzan, to present the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor program.
Participants will have 4 days working with iMindMap 5, learning new features and how to effectively teach others to get the most from the new software.
Jennifer will also introduce participants to Version 5 in our iThink therefore iMindMap  programs.







Mind Manager

4. Special Offer -  attend the Mind Map one day intensive for FREE as well as access to online modules and free coaching/feedback on your Mind Maps. 

Sign up for the Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping NOW and choose either: 

Mind Mapping One Day Intensive
(Intro to Mind Mapping and iMindMap5)

Melbourne - 22 March
Sydney - 13 April
Brisbane - 11 May

then attend the Brain Camp - Gold Coast  17-20 May, 2011
- Hurry, only 6 places available.

Download BLI Program Brochure and application form

or contact Jennifer now (jennifer[at][dot]au) to get started.


Thinking and the Brain are more than ever core to business.

There are more and more covert and overt signs companies want you to think, be more creative and innovative.


CPA Australia have branded this year's campaign "Think + Create"

The Happiness & Its Causes Conference 2011  cries "Think and be Happy".

And now ALDI's Graduate Program asks "Do you have an ALDI brain?

Even their website is ALDI "Think Smarter" 

To apply, you undertake a series of brain challenges before submitting an online application. These challenges have been designed to demonstrate the skills they are seeking from applicants and are fun brain training if you have a few minute spare.



In a recent blog Bill advised that facilitating creative collaboration is one of the most important management roles in leading a creative environment.

In particular, empowering a team with critical and creative thinking facilitates innovation effort that draws out new/different ideas.

This week Bill focuses on creative thinking techniques you might use as a Manager of a team seeking ideas.
Read full blog...

7. Want to make your conference highly Memorable and Action Oriented?

Mindwerx plans, organises, speaks at, facilitates and even MCs conferences and events of all types, AROUND THE WORLD .

Last year we did all that for a Business Improvement In Government group, whom we have worked with for several years now.

As MCs and Facilitators, we helped them plan a truly memorable conference and get all 200+ participants actually participating. 

Here's how...

If you'd like Mindwerx to help with your next conference, email Bill bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com, we'd love to share ideas with you.

Ask him about the Speaking Insights we deliver at conferences


8. More Learning Skills are needed in the 40+ years of work life, than in 16 years of schooling.

Your ability to study and learn is without doubt the most important skill - yet it is amazing how few people understand even the basics of good study.

The Learning to Learn Skill Set involves a number of basic abilities:

  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Recall
  • Information Organization
  • Information Formatting 

How do you rate your ability with these 5 core areas?  more...


9Open your Thinking and Develop More Useful Ideas.

Like all problem solving, Creative Problem Solving is dramatically improved with Critical Thinking, that is... the deliberate skillful act of taking charge of the structures inherent in thinking. 

While this may sound complex, tools such as IPPCO, derived from the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), are simple.

IPPCO is a great exploratory tool for your problem solving tool kit

Learn what to do when next faced with a problem that requires some critical and creative thinking. Downloadable template



One of the most common questions is "Which of Tony Buzan's 100 different books would you recommend"?

There are four 'must have' books which have been reviewed, revised and released - really!

  • The Speed Reading Book
  • The Memory Book
  • The Mind Map Book
  • Use Your Head

Special Offer - buy all 4 books for only $99 (15% off)

Extended offer - buy IMindMap 4 now and get 20% off the Ultimate Book of Mind Maps as well as free upgrade to Version 5.

11.  Half-Day and One-Day Intensive Training Courses

FYI - In case you are traveling, we are running programs in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa.

Where can you go to develop your Thinking, Learning and Creativity?

Right here of course
. Our face to face programs include:

In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane:-

Critical & Creative Thinking

Empowering Creativity in Teams
de Bono's Six Thinking Hats
de Bono's Lateral Thinking

de bono's Power of Perception (DATT) - Brisbane Only

In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland:-

Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping

iThink therefore iMindMap

Speed Reading
Memory & Memorability

In case you are travelling there are programs in Australia, New Zealand Singapore and South Africa.

Applied Creativity & Innovation
- Singapore
Buzan Licensed Instructor Program
- Gold Coast and South Africa

For more information and dates see dedicated information pages on and

Coming up in Melbourne

22-23 March

Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping 

iThink therefore iMindMap

Speed Reading

Memory & Memorability

Attend for as little as $99

Booking Form and details


One way to get your kids to think more is to involve them in simple thinking activities at home on stuff that interests them.

E.g. Planning a long weekend with the family.

Here are two simple things you can do :

1. Do a group Mind Map on all the options, ideas, tasks etc

2. Give everyone post-it notes and a felt tip pen

More detail and Download Free Mind Tools Poster


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4 Mar 2011

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