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Invitation to 7th International Innovation Day for schools worldwide

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International Innovation Day

Join the City Montessori School, India
7th Annual Competition_&_Exhibition

How soon should we start to think about Innovation?  Well at the City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow India, they believe it should be as young as possible. 

So for the 7th year they are again hosting an International Innovation Day (IID) competition_and_exhibition, and Mindwerx and the Buzan Centre are again proud supporters.  And to make the competition_and_exhibition truly international CMS' Principal Mrs Manju Nautiyal wants schools from all over the world to take part. 

So check out the CMS IID website and get involved.  If you're an educator, please get your school involved.  If you're a parent, encourage your child's school to get involved. And if all that doesn't apply, maybe just send this email on to anyone who may be interested.  It's a lot of fun for the kids, and a great way to encourage creativity and innovation.

The International Innovation Day offers a unique_opportunity to students of class VI to XII from around the world to submit their innovations in the following fields:-
  • Creative Writing Contest,
  • Poster Making Contest,
  • Essay Writing contest,
  • Inventor Project Making Contest,
  • Portrait Making Contest,
  • Calligraphy Contest and
  • Mind Mapping Contest

The events will be held in three groups:-
  • Group A (11 to 13 years) Classes VI,VII,VII
  • Group B (14 to 15 years) Classes IX, X
  • Group C (16 to 18 years) Classes XI, XII
Innovation at a Corporate Level

Of course Innovation is something that every organisation should be well on top of, and with the current debate on Australia's loss of productivity in recent years it is again time to think about what is actually happening.

Business gurus tell us that business has only two functions – Marketing and Innovation, the rest are just costs.  If this is true then the need to be able to generate and develop innovative ideas is crucial to your business success – whether you're a major corporate, an small entreprise, a NFP, or even a government body.

Which is why you need to stay abreast of what is happening in the_field.  One way to do that is to attend the Creative Innovation Asia Pacific 2012 conference in Melbourne this November.  Ci2012 features some of the top international thought leaders in the area of creative thinking, innovation and strategies for success.


Deliberate Creativity & Innovation

Another way to tackle_the challenge of Innovation is to contact Bill at Mindwerx.  We've been running and adapting our Deliberate Creativity & Innovation workshops for several years now, and this is our flagship program. 

This program has now been run with clients large and small and in more than 8 countries, and provides participants with the practical skills to contribute to an organisation's innovation endeavours.  Using proven techniques and tools, you will learn why and how innovation cannot be left to chance_and_luck. 

What you'll learn in the workshop - which we tailor to your organisation's needs, is that Innovation is actually pretty Simple - It's just Not Easy to do!

Let us show you how - contact Bill at bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com anytime.

Well that's it for now.  Remember there are only two functions in any business - Marketing and Innovation, the rest is just housekeeping.  So make sure everyone in your organisation is working on the right stuff, in the best way possible.

And ask yourself - what have you done today to promote the business.

Have a fantastic day and great rest of the week!

Bill and Jennifer
for all the Gang at Mindwerx



Here's an example of a Mind Map from last year's Innovation Day Mind Mapping event.


 For organisations looking to be more innovative this is a book we like, by our colleague Jim Higgins.

It's practical and straightforward, and we only have 8 copies left. 

Get a copy by 31 August and also get a Mindwerx A5 Notepad, 4-colour pen, and one of our Deliberate Creativity & Innovation reference cards (RRP ~$7.50)

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