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PRESS RELEASE - Australian Memory Championships – Melbourne

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Australian Memory Championships – Melbourne
Saturday/ Sunday      10-11 September, 2011

With a cold blast of air sweeping Australia, competition is running hot for this weekend’s Australian Memory Championships.

Melbourne is this year’s host with one competitor in from Hong Kong to hone his skills before competing at the World Memory Championships in Beijing 6-10th December, 2011. 

The decathlon of memory events surprise many people – remembering a long list of random numbers, a long list of items, matching names to faces and memorizing a deck of playing cards. 

“People ask me ‘what’s the point of remembering the order of a shuffled pack of playing cards’” Australian Memory Championships Convener Jennifer Goddard said.

“It has exactly the same relevance as an Olympic athlete running around a 400 metre track. While they are really just going around in circles, they are testing their own endurance against others, and setting new heights of human achievement for others to aspire to.  That is exactly what Memory Champions do, when they memorize 52 cards in under 30 seconds”.

Memory is a function of the brain most take for granted and few bother to appreciate what an incredible, vital tool memory really is.

“A fully functioning, powerful memory is not only a practical instrument, equipping us to do everyday things such as call a relative or find our keys: it also provides us with a huge source of personal, inner wealth” Eight times World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien said.

“Being able to remember, interpret, reinterpret and if necessary reconstruct is at the heart of how we assess everything we learn.”

“When you get a glimpse of what potential lies within your memory, you’ll soon realize that that potential is applicable to other aspects of your brain power, too – from your powers of concentration and your ability to think on your feet (your “fluid intelligence”) to your confidence as a speaker and even you ability to be thrown into a gathering of people you don’t know and work the room like it’s exactly where you belong.”


For more information :

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Bill Jarrard, Senior Arbiter, Australian Memory Championships
Phone: 0419 645 299
Email : bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com


Event Details:

Metropole Hotel and Conference Centre
44 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Saturday  10th September - 9:00am- 4:30 pm
Sunday 11th September  – 9:30-12:30 pm
Winner announced at 12:00 noon 

3 minute video explanation of each event 


Creation date: 
9 Sep 2011