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Yes, Virginia, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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If you are OLD enough to remember the classic movie quote "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" then you are YOUNG enough to improve your brain power with ideas in this week's eletter "Yes, Virginia, you can teach an old dog new tricks! "

Learn from the 100 most creative people in business for 2011 according to the team at FastCompany See who made the cut and why.


Four Key Ingredients for a successful meeting or Thinking activity that every Manager must know...

facilitate vb. to assist the progress of …

What creative thinking techniques would you use as a Manager of a team seeking ideas?

Facilitating creative collaboration is an important management role in leading a creative environment.

Empowering your team with critical and creative thinking facilitates innovation effort that draws out new/different ideas.

Your role is to optimize people and resources and apply the four key ingredients to any thinking activity - Focus, People, Time and Tools.

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Planning a Sausage Sizzle to raise money for charity/school fete?

Our Rotary Group was asked to hold a sausage sizzle to help feed the masses at a Health Expo (yes, we realise the irony of a sausage sizzle at a health expo)

Jennifer had to plan the event and make sure we had everything organised. Using iMindMap 5 it was a very quick and easy approach – you can make quick changes and updates as new ideas came to hand.

You can also quickly update it after the event to capture changes/new ideas into the Mind Map.

Feel free to print your own copy or download the Mind Map to customise using iMindMap

ANNOUNCING 3 Exclusive Buzan Accreditation Pathways 

Buzan Centres in Australia/New Zealand are offering three exclusive Buzan Accreditation Pathways

- Buzan Licensed Instructor  (BLI) - the How and Why of Mind Mapping 
  1-4 November, Gold Coast

- ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor (TLI) - Applying iMindMap and the Innovation Toolset
8-11 November, in Sydney with Tony Buzan

- Advanced Buzan Licensed Instructor - Speed Reading, Enhanced Memory and Study Skills


Existing BLIs receive 50% discount on the TLI program

Become a Thinking Expert - Get Accredited to Teach Your Own Courses on Creativity, Innovation, GRASP and iMindMap.

Not yet a BLI - Book on both workshops and receive the 50% discount now - A great 2 for 1 deal



This is the conclusion that most people come to after dipping their toes into the field_of Creative Thinking and Innovation.

To address this, as part of our work with Universities in USA and Australia, we have developed a 12 module Online Learning Course.

The Deliberate Creativity & Innovation Online program is accessible 24/7 - Choose the full program or do an individual eModule.

For a Limited Time only you can get immediate access to ALL eModules (unfacilitated) for one low price of only $99 AUD.

Buy the complete set now and save $230

For only $99 you get immediate access to more than 10 hours of video material, audio information, downloadable workshop notes, templates, references card, links and more...

Learn the skills you need to be more creative and innovative.


YES, Virginia, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

In fact, all neuroscientists are recommending that you learn new things in order to age-proof your brain.

There are 3 key things you can do …
1. Give your brain strong mental tasks... how
2. Physical Exercise ... how
3. Social Interactions ... how

We encourage our kids to learn new things and tell them to be patient.

Take your own advice and give yourself time to learn a new skill or do something you have always wanted to learn
i.e. What’s on Your Bucket List?

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Tony Buzan will be speaking at this year's Mind and Its Potential Conference in Sydney 7-8 November, 2011

This year's theme is "Explore the amazing potential of your mind!

Tony has a couple of slots available during that week if you would like him to inspire your staff to Use Their Head - with Innovative learning an thinking techniques to fulfill their potential

Contact Bill to explore options - 0419 645 299 or bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com

At Tax time do you ...

a. Research Tax codes and tax-saving options

Use a conservative, well established accountant with an excellent reputation and many years of experience

Throw a tax party. Invite lots of friends with the intent of doing the taxes together; or

Search everywhere for receipts and papers and throw them in a shoe box

Check out how your thinking preferences manifest themselves at tax time (using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument - HBDI)

How to GRASP Killer ideas and make them happen!

Have you been thinking about your thinking lately?
Actually you should do it every day!

Chris Griffiths, CEO of ThinkBuzan, has developed an acronym that stands for the various modes of thinking we need to be aware of if we are to take charge of our thinking:-

- Generative Thinking - Generating thoughts and ideas
- Reactive Thinking - Reacting to existing influences and ideas
- Analytical Thinking - Analysing ideas to reach a solution
- Selective Thinking - Validating and implementing a potential solution
- Proactive Thinking - the strategy of thinking (encompassing all of the above)

He recently developed iMindMap5 so that you can do all of them with one application 

Get your free copy of Chris' new book "How to GRASP Killer ideas and make them happen! " when you buy the fabulous iMindMap Ultimate_Plus Resource Pack


Creative Thinking Courses & Advanced Learning

Where can you go to develop your Thinking, Learning and Creativity? Right here of course
Our public face to face programs run in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland and include:
  • Critical Creative Thinking
  • Empowering Creativity in Teams
  • de Bono's Six Thinking Hats
  • de Bono's Lateral Thinking
  • de bono's Power of Perception
  • Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping
  • iThink therefore iMindMap
  • Range & Rapid (Speed) Reading
  • Memory & Memorability

In case you are travelling there are programs in Singapore and South Africa.

  • Applied Creativity & Innovation - Singapore
  • Buzan Licensed Instructor Program - Gold Coast and South Africa
  • Think Buzan Licensed Instructor - Sydney

For more information and dates see dedicated information pages on and  


MindGenius 4 is now available

MindGenius 4 Business is a Mind Mapping software application that offers a free form canvas to individuals or work groups, and allows them to capture and visualise ideas and information.

The unique Map Explorer in MindGenius allows you to navigate through large amounts of information with ease, go onto analyse and categorise your map, and start to see visual links between ideas, all helping you to develop understanding and clarity on the way ahead.

MindGenius_4_Education helps make your classes more inclusive, your students grow in confidence, and ultimately achieve what they are capable of.

Upgrade your existing copy ?
Contact us for details info[at]mindwerx[dot]com


How to have healthy, happy kids that don't scream "I'm Bored" every five minutes during school holidays

Here are inexpensive ways to have more fun with the kids this school holidays 

  • Have a mini MasterChef at home - get pita bread for kids to make their own pizzas
  • Turn the dining area into a cubby house with blankets and sheets over chairs - let the kids 'camp out' for the night.
  • Start making Christmas Cards / Gifts for the family - surprise everyone by being so organised this year.
  • Get out all your old make up and let everyone do their own faces

Download our 10 page pdf on Free and Fun things to do indoors during school holidays

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11 Jul 2011

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