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Free email eCourses

Mindwerx International and the Buzan Centre @ Mindwerx are committed to helping individuals and organisation achieve Sustained High Performance by meeting the challenges of Information Overload

All our products, services and training programs support this goal, and to help you appreciate the services we offer we have designed a range of Mind Tools, gathered a host of example Mind Maps, and written or made available Articles and White Papers for you to learn from and use.

Mindwerx eCourses for the best in daily learning Now we are also creating a range of Free eCourses for you to subscribe to.  Each eCourse is a series of emails, which will generally arrive over a period of two or three weeks - every day or second day. 

Each eCourse email will take only a few minutes to read and absorb, but as the series unfolds you will find your understanding of the subject area growing rapidly.

We will develop a range of these as time allows, but to start we now have these eCourses available for you.  They are Free so subscribe anytime you want, and when you do we'll also subscribe you to our regular eLetter. 

We hope you enjoy them, but of course if you find they don't suit your needs you will be able to Unsubscribe to them at any time.  

Coming soon...

  • Improved Memory
  • Daily Memory Tips 
  • Seven Ways to be More Creative, Today!

Get started now so you can achieve sustained High Performance.