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Friends & Links

Here area a few links to some of our friends, colleagues and just plain cool sites we’re sure you will get some value from either now or in the future.

Why not book mark this page so you can come back anytime? Now grab a glass of water (or wine) and have fun exploring.

Buzan Centre: Australia New Zealand is Mindwerx International sister organisation, which we founded in 2000 to ensure Tony Buzan’s advanced learning techniques


Bottom Line Innovation Associates is set up to organizations make innovation pay by treating Innovation as a system and not just a series of events.

Brain Connection animations  - Very simple but good animations on what the brain does when it reads a simple word

Brain Gym (USA)  Edu-K (short for Educational Kinesiology) is an innovative approach that uses movement as a means to enhance learning. The basic movements are called Brain Gym ®

Bubble Dome (NZ). The Bubble Dome website has been developed to encourage lateral problem solving and imagination in children. The aim of Bubble Dome is to tell stories that are truly interactive and allow children to become involved within the story action. 

Buzan Centre Latin America (in Spanish) Jorge Castaneda and his team are working at all levels of government, education and business. They recently opened up the first Buzan School and have accredited Members of the Mexican Federal Government in Mind Mapping. President Vincente Fox is a keen Mind Mapper and regularly hosts events with Tony Buzan.



CCS Corporation - makers of the Compatibility Communication System, CCS, a simple, yet profound face-to-face communication tool used by trainers and facilitators to draw-out ideas, develop open communication, isolate common understandings and build commitment to the outcomes.

CRE8NG - There are several pages on Robert's website. Some are for professional reasons and others for sharing ideas and information concerning the ™ of Creative Thinking Throughout the World.
There are many articles to read, hundreds of creative thinking exercises to strengthen and expand you creative thinking skills, hot links to other great sites, sample virtual idea generation sessions results for fun, plus background about his work, materials plus a sample audio of one of his many speeches.

Creative Think (US) Roger von Oech is an internationally recognized leader in stimulating creativity and innovation. His two creative thinking books, A Whack on the Side of the Head, and A Kick in the Seat of the Pants, along with his Creative Whack Pack, and Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus card decks have activated the creative juices of many millions around the world.

Creativity Cafe - Members of V.A.R.I.O.U.S. founded Creativity Cafe to facilitate creative expression and personal/professional expansion for all peoples of planet Earth. They offer courses in Digital Storytelling. "Living Gallery" events are live showcases where artists and performers use their art as catalyst for audience interaction, inspiration and networking.

Creativity Portal Awaken your creativity and nourish your creative life! Creativity Portal features awe-inspiring articles, free prompts & projects, creative coaching advice, and excellent resources for artists, crafters, writers, and creativity enthusiasts at every level. It's a Writer's Digest Best Web Site and has appeared in the English Journal, Imagine magazine, and on Blogger's Buzz.

Creativity Unleashed (UK) Whatever you are achieving now could be bettered with applied creativity. Their training, software and website are based around their best-selling books. "We don't just teach creativity - we wrote the book."

Creativity Web (AUS)  A comprehensive site on creativity - contains ideas, techniques, books, visual thinking, drawing, mind mapping, the brain, Genius Gallery, Quotations, Affirmations, humour, ideas.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - Dr. Betty Edwards' website - author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, she has enabled millions of people around the world to learn to draw.

FastCompany (US) A fascinating site that looks at how leading companies employing innovative technologies are meeting the management challenges brought about by the move towards becoming knowledge-based companies.

Herrmann International Australia - The core of the thinking tools and skills they offer is the HBDI - The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument.

HighIQSociety - features IQ tests, chat rooms, puzzles, IQ magazine.

InnoFuture will provide some powerful answers to the question of how to create sustainable Innovation: Generate breakthrough ideas systematically -Shorten the time to test and take ideas to market - Develop and sustain innovation cultures and much more.

Resiliency is a key attribute of creatives, innovators and entre/intrapreneurs, but everyone can need help at some stages. Therefore we are including these websites here for anyone who may need them. All our best wishes.

AddictionResource (USA)

HealthFinder (USA)

Beyond Blue (Australia) 

Addiction Center (USA)

 Addiction Resources USAHealth Finder USA Beyond BlueAddiction Center - USA  

Solution People For almost 20 years, led by Gerald "Solutionman" Haman has thought beyond the box to develop solutions that helped innovators generate over 2 million ideas valued at over $2 billion U.S. dollars. The SolutionPeople Thinkubator is an original meeting facility in one of Chicago's most creative lofts located in the West Loop.  Their space accommodates teams of 10-30 people with essential meeting resources and comfortable and thought-provoking furniture. The unique environment is home to various game equipment, a disco dance floor and professional karaoke system.


The Artist's Way is a free on-line support group about creativity. The main topic is The Artist's Way, a book by Julia Cameron describing her 12-week program to break creativity blocks. The general idea is to treat yourself as a "recovering artist" and learn how to see and deal with blockages to your creativity.


The Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) is dedicated exclusively to Leadership. The non-profit institution's website delivers tips, tools and advice to the practicing manager and contains a variety of resources including news, information on events and a monthly newsletter.


The Centre for Creative Learning (US) provides personal and professional development programs


Winston Brill has a great website with over 500 interesting articles.  Winston insists that the only way to achieve difficult and important goals is to inspire a strong Innovative Attitude.  That attitude guided him and his teams to many important innovations.