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Habits of Mind for Business & Life


Habits of Mind – The keys to success in business and life

Habits of Mind with James Anderson Successful people do things differently. They have talent. But that talent isn’t just natural – it’s earned through a process of constant growth and deliberate practice. Virtually every successful person you can name has earned their success, and achieved excellence, through a process that is now well understood.

However, understanding the process required for success is not enough. Not everyone has the mental habits required to follow the path to excellence.

Emeritus Professor Art Costa has captured, distilled and described these Habits of Mind. These Habits of Mind describe how successful people go about using their minds to greatest effect when confronted with problems, the solutions to which are not immediately apparent.

Understanding these Habits of Mind, recognising them in ourselves and in our work colleagues helps us sharpen our skills, focus our attention and to literally begin to behave more intelligently.


Over the course of this day you will be introduced to a powerful body of research developed over the last 30 years that shows that intelligence is a set of learnable characteristics. We’ll then explore the 16 Habits of Mind that form the basis of the way intelligence is learned.

Specifically we will...

  • Explore the concepts of Learnable Intelligence and Brain Plasticity
  • Be introduced to the work of Professor Carol Dweck – Mindset
  • Explore the Habits of Mind as a framework for developing our intelligence and success in the work place and at home.


Subsequent to this course you will...

  • appreciate the amazing capacity of your brain to learn to behave more intelligently
  • understand the Habits of Mind as a framework for developing your intelligence
  • be able to use the framework of Habits of Mind to focus the growth of your intelligence, and the intelligence of those in your team
  • lead and collaborate with increased creativity and effectiveness


James Anderson is an international expert on Habits of Mind. A trained educator, he has been presenting his work to schools and the wider community around the world for the past 10 years. He is author of “Succeeding with Habits of Mind” and an affiliate director for the International Institute for Habits of Mind.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in improving the way they use their mind to achieve success in work and life.

Anyone is a leadership role will find this workshop especially useful in helping them develop a language for team reflection and effectiveness, that enhances your ability to lead intelligently.


This is a one-day program tailored to specific needs of your business and team, and as a public program.

Habits of Mind Summary PosterDownload a summary of the 16 Habits of Mind

To get a nice summary of the Habits of Mind you can download this poster image, or the PDF below.

James also offers a Free 10 part mini eCourse you can subscribe to now to get startedThis is a great introduction to the one-day public and in-house course.

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