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High Performance Professional Development

Unique Blended Creativity and Advanced Learning Programs

Mindwerx professional development programs are unique in that they help you ‘Upgrade Your Neck-Top Computer®’ - that is boost the power of your amazing brain so you can accomplish the important tasks that challenge us all today.  Our programs help people learn to think, learn and be more creative i.e. help you understand how your mind works!

Our blended learning programs engage participants in face-to-face interactive workshops, followed by post-workshop eLessons that sustain their learning. 

This approach dramatically increases the take-up of new techniques and promotes practical application.

Mindwerx In-House programs cover specific skills sets within the areas of High Performance Learning and High Performance Thinking.  Most are full-day interactive workshops designed to provide participants with insights, tools and training in practical learning and thinking skills that help them Manage Information Overload, so they can achieve greater success.

Information Overload
, described as “an excess of information that results in an inability to concentrate on tasks and stay focused”, is a massive problem in the 21st Century, costing an estimated $900 Billion dollars each year in the USA alone. 

Every day, people are confronted by vast amounts of new information flowing towards them from a multitude of sources.  Almost everyone feels overwhelmed at some point when trying to absorb, understand and apply this new information.  

The impact on individuals varies from simple time wasting to serious health problems, while for organisations the effect is compounded into a massive loss of productivity.  

If you want to learm more about how Managing Information Overload could be the most important skills you learn, read our White Paper as part of the free Managing Information Overload eCourse we've put together to help you get started.

The key to sustainable high performance is to be strategic with your time and develop deliberate habits that constantly move you towards your goals, and that is what Mindwerx programs focus on.

See how we can tailor an In-House Programs for your team.

In-House Programs are tailored for your team, context and situation so participants can immediately apply advanced learning and thinking techniques to ensure high performance outcomes in all areas of the business.




Mindwerx Programs are interactive, and run all over the World, with teams
of every type and size.

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