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In-House High Performance Training

Mindwerx International
In-House High Performance Programs

The critical success factors in every situation are the abilities to think productively, to adapt quickly, and to be flexible and open to new avenues of opportunity.

High Performance people, teams, and organisations have the Critical Thinking skills and expertise to:

  • focus their thinking and creativity on achieving real results from clear thinking
  • creatively solve problems, improve processes, and make better decisions - faster
  • strategise, plan and manage more thoroughly, effectively, and collaboratively
  • generate more innovative ideas to enhance organisational performance

Mindwerx International’s High Performance professional development programs and training workshops are unique in that they help you ‘Upgrade Your Neck-Top Computer®’. 

Critical and Creative Thinking boosts the power of your amazing brain so you can accomplish the important tasks that challenge us all today. 

Our programs help you learn to think creatively with focus, show you how your mind works, and gives you practical critical and creative thinking processes and tools be more productive and successful.  

Our In-House High Performance Creativity and Advanced Learning programs are 'blended' to engage participants in the learning process first in the face-to-face interactive workshop, followed by post-workshop eLearning modules run through our Online Academy eModules

This approach dramatically increases the take-up of new techniques and promotes practical application. 

Get customised programs, save money and give your staff the skills they need with our tailored in-house workshops on:-


Mindwerx Professional Development Programs

In-house programs generally run as full-day workshops, with exercises adapted to your core objectives and the needs of participants They can also be delivered as 60-90 minute Insights to Action, or half day workshops.