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Master Trainers

The Buzan Centre @ Mindwerx International is guided by three Master trainers - Tony Buzan, Jennifer Goddard and Bill Jarrard, each with their own unique experiences and skills to assist and support you and your team.

Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan Inventor of Mind Maps

Internationally acclaimed best selling author of almost 100 books, professional speaker, international business and educational consultant, founder of the Brain Trust Charity and the World Memory Championships, poet, musician, Olympic coach, Go, Chess and Aikido master - and there is lots more we can say.

Tony Buzan is the inventor of Mind Map® and the inspiration behind the Buzan Centres to promote a vision of Global Mental Literacy - that is an understanding of how the brain works and how to get the most from that understanding.

Tony has been voted the best professional speaker in the world, has a creativity IQ higher than ever previously recorded, has been seen in the media by over a billion people - and when you meet him you realise he is just a great guy, who loves being with and helping others.  He is our great mentor and friend.

He is also available to present at your next conference, coach senior staff, or work your school system.  Based in the UK, Tony spends up to 200 day each year travelling, so if you are interested in finding out more about how Tony Buzan can work with you email us now, and we'll get right back to you. info[at]mindwerx[dot]com

Read more about Tony Buzan.

"Mind Mapping uses the brain in the way it was designed, saves time, improves results
and is fun. How can any business person be without this powerful tool?”

Stephen C Lundin, author of the five-million-copy bestselling FISH!

"Tony was the keynote speaker at our annual L&D conference. He held the audience spellbound
as he challenged, confronted and tested our collective assumptions about how adults learn.
His complete mastery of his subject shone through and the audience would clearly
have loved him to continue not just for another few hours but for several days!
He is an extraordinary teacher and communicator..."

Ann Ewing. Head of Learning & Development HSBC Bank plc

Jennifer Goddard

Jennifer Goddard in Action

Buzan Master Trainer, Senior Arbiter World Memory Championships, Professional Speaker, Author, Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Holanthropist, Speed Reader, Dyslexic - what more can we say, she's had some challenges and met them with her great strength of will and pursuit of thinking skills.

After being introduced to deliberate thinking skills, including Mind Mapping, in 1997 when she was struggling with a Business Degree, she finished that degree with Distinction a year earlier than scheduled.  She went on later to complete a Masters degree and to become Tony Buzan's Senior Master Trainer - only four master trainers globally.  Not bad for a high school dropout who only discovered she waasn't stupid and just suffered from dyslexia when she was 21.

Jennifer is our main trainer in Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Enhanced Memory, and Study Skills. She is helping other centres in South Africa, the Middle East and China to also embrace Buzan advanced learning skills.  In her spare time - she convenes the Australian Memory Championship and is Senior Arbiter at the World Memory Championship.

Jennifer speaks to thousands of people each year at conferences, in training workshop and client facilitations, as well as through our Online Academy programs.  Email us now if you'd like to discuss how Jennifer can support you achieving your goals.   info[at]mindwerx[dot]com

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“Jennifer presented an easy and enjoyable introduction to the way our minds work and
how with Mind Mapping we can start to create order out of chaos”

… Robin Page, Ruparte Management Services

"Up-beat presentation style that made one feel as though 'Yes, I can do that'. 
Excellent, practical and fun. Ideal way to learn."
… Dwayne Steep, Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Jennifer Goddard, what can you say.  Engaging, energetic and entertaining.  She has an
incredible story to tell and provided the delegates with a few tips on improving
your memory including how to remember peoples names.  Though it
was her presentation style that has you wanting more.   From the
feedback I received from the delegates she certainly was a
real winner with all commenting on the relevance of her
presentation and tips to your work and family life.
   Simply brilliant.
Vince Aisthorpe
President, Supply Chain and Logistics Assn of Australia - Qld

Bill Jarrard


Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mindwerx International and the Buzan Centre Australia/NZ, Mindwerx Applied Creativity & Innovation Master Trainer, Senior Buzan Licensed Instructor, Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Convenor/Lecturer for 11 years on Creativity & Innovation at three universities, Senior Aribter National Memory Championships, Author, Professional Speaker, Senior de Bono Trainer, and originally from Winnipeg Canada - its cold there and we don't hold that against him.

In creating Mindwerx Bill used a Mind Map to plan out the first 5 years of development and he and Jennifer then build the business plan around that.  At that stage they didn't know Tony Buzan except from the Mind Map book, but a couple of key branches on Bill's Mind Map showed they intended to work with their distant mentor.  By 2001 that vision was realised and the great journey towards Global Mental Literacy continues.

Bill often runs our Buzan Mind Mapping and Speed Reading programs, and speaks on Multiple Intelligence, but his main focus is the area of Deliberate Creative Thinking, where he runs courses and facilitates teams using Mind Maps, as well as de Bono creative thinking techniques, Six Thinking Hats, and our own Mindwerx Applied Creativity and Innovation model.  By integrating the Buzan brain friendly methods, with lateral thinking and directed thinking tools Bill is able to help teams find new pathways to innovation.

To learn more about our Deliberate Creative Thinking programs click here.  And if you want Bill to faciltate with your team you can email him direct at bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com.

Read more about Bill Jarrard

"As an educator, speaker and facilitator, Bill Jarrard does not lecture or teach - he shares,
by creating and maintaining a challenging and stimulating environment for learning."

Johan Kruithof, author of 'Quality Thinking, Thinking Quality'

Last week was the beginning of something great for the company. It demonstrated
the power and potential of the deliberative creative thinking techniques
not only in relation to our divisional functional area but to
other divisions. I see their application being of even
greater benefit in exploring new products and
services, and growing revenues."

… Tony Fedorowicz, Supply Chain Manager


Bill and Jennifer - Rotary Dinner May 2011

Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard