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Planning Singapore's National Day 9 August

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The National Day of Singapore is celebrated every year on 9 August, in commemoration of Singapore's independence from Malaysia in 1965.  A major event where everyone gets involved, the National Day Celebrations require year round committment, planning and organising.

At a recent Applied Creativity and Innovation workshop at the Singapore Institute of Management, Jennifer gave the group of 15 managers 60 seconds warning that they had to map out everything they could think of if they were to bid/pan for next year's event.

Following simple but effective Mind Map processes that they learnt just minutes before, they spent 8 minutes doing an individual Mind Map 'brainstorm' of all the things they could think of. 

Then they broke up into three groups of 5 people, shared what they mapped out and then worked together for 20 minutes to create a large Group Mind Map. 

The three teams then presented their ideas to the rest of the group. 2 minutes each. 

If you were to do this in your business, then you have two choices ... either gather up three Mind Maps and consolidate into one Mega Mind Map as in the image above.

Or assign each group a key heading to explore an area indepth - one group look at ticketing, one group at transport etc. leveraging off of the ideas of the whole group. 

You will learn more about Group Mind Mapping Processes at the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Program on the Gold Coast of Australia 11-13 November 2013 


There are seven major stages in the group Mind Mapping process:
1. Defining the subject
2. Individual brainstorm Mind Map
3. Small group discussion
4. Creation of first multiple Mind Map 
5. Incubation
6. Second reconstruction and revision
7. Analysis and decision-making
Allow 60 minutes for a group Mind Map incorporating Stages 1-4 of above during a workshop: 
1. Defining the subject – 5 minutes
2. Individual brainstorm Mind Map - 10 minutes
3. Small group discussion - 10 minutes
4. Creation of first multiple Mind Map – 25 minutes
5. Small group presentations – 1 to 2 minutes each 
depending on number of groups
6. Debrief discussion – What did they notice? What worked? What would they do differently next time?

You can download the original file to add your own ideas

If you don't already have iMindMap - the Mind Mapping editing software then there is a free 7 day trial available


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