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Challenges Facing Small Business - 10 Minute Brainstorming session

Jennifer Goddard's picture

Would you like a simple tool that helps you

  • visualise your future,
  • design detailed business strategies,
  • develop a living and breathing business plan that is constantly up to date,
  • outline key projects in minutes,
  • develop sales and marketing ideas,
  • communicate ideas to customers,
  • staff and suppliers, manage staff and resources,
  • remember everything about your key clients (goals, products, even their kids names),
  •  even remember and action key ah-ha moments from KBN speakers and Key Meetings.

What is this magic tool? It is a Mind Map – the Swiss Army Knife for your business.

This Mind Map was drawn by Jennifer Goddard and Members of the KBN network in Springfield in just 10 minutes.

It would take just a few minutes more to then consider how you address each of the challenges facing small business today.

You can easily download iMindMap and get started on your thinking right nowW