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History of Biosecurity Border Inspection in New Zealand

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HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE Preventing the entry of pests, diseases and unwanted species has been a significant aspect of New Zealand's social and economic history.
The country's geographic isolation, colonisation, primary industry based economy and modern transportation methods have influenced policy development and enforcement of quarantine controls at the border. Modern day 'biosecurity' has evolved. The tangata whenua introduced food crops such as kumara, the English colonists brought many new species with them and later, through acclimatisation societies, made introductions in an endeavour to replicate 'Mother England'.
New Zealand was a country focused on primary production and special measures were taken to protect the economy, especially pastoral farming. Later, arable farming, forestry and horticultural production were included. Most recently, aquaculture and New Zealand's marine environment have received biosecurity protection. Throughout the country's history, measures have been taken to protect people from pandemics,the introduction of exotic diseases and insect vectors.
The ever increasing importance of tourism requires a balance between facilitating visitors and protecting our environment. The future presents many new challenges such as climate change and the management of genetically modified organisms and unbiased contribution to history.

WHAT THE PROJECT WILL DELIVER The history project is planned in phases. It will potentially deliver: A collection of oral histories (Initial Planned Phase). This will establish a library of recordings about the past in the words of participants who lived it. Memorabilia Promoting the manuscript to publishers with a view to producing a coffee table book.
Such a book would help promote biosecurity awareness among the general public. This publication would be a resource for staff induction and training. It would also provide a corporate gift for visiting dignitaries.
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7 Nov 2008

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