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What is an Acoustic Neuroma / Vestibular Schwannoma?

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On 14 May, 2015 I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma / Vestibular Schwannoma - which is a benign intracranial tumour stemming from my left ear.

The main symptoms was hearning loss in my left ear which I first notices 10 years ago. A MRI showed that it was 2.5 cm and had to be removed asap. Prof. Andew Kaye and Prof Briggs removed it on 22 July in a marathon 7 hours of surgery. 


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So glad to see you are on the

So glad to see you are on the mend, you were a teacher of mine quite some time ago at Swinburne in hawthorn while l was completing my Mba.
You introduced me to mind mapping and I have used ever since - thank you so very much Karin

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Looking forward to reading

Looking forward to reading more. Great forum post. Much obliged. Krough

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