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DRILLING DOWN INTO MIND MAPS with Hilde Jaspaert ,London

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Thursday, 17 July 2008 - 8:30am - 3:30pm
Information Management with higher concentration, more creativity, better recall. more self confidence in less time… This course is for everyone, regardless of their level of education and/or experience, who wants to increase their learning potential, memory, note taking, creative thinking, and self confidence in the area of Information Management. . Professionals are bombarded with information; information that doesn’t always arrive in an ideal format. Nevertheless, they are supposed to deal with it. More than that, they have to assimilate it, create it, recall it, and analyse it. More and more and more, and always in less time. . Mind Maps have the power, more than any other note-taking tool, to appeal to every part of the brain and ensure there is an optimised neural link between the information and the brain storing it. Using Mind Maps, professionals will have better recall, acquire greater insight, have more creative ideas, and disseminate information in a clear way. And all of this in less time. . Price per Delegate: £295.00 + VAT* . *The price includes refreshments, a buffet lunch, a delegate pack with new material for further reading, a Buzan-approved A4 Mind Map pad and a pack of Stabilo colouring pens.

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