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MEMORIAD 2008, Instanbul Turkey

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008 - 10:00pm - Sunday, 2 November 2008 - 5:45pm

Dear Mental Calculators & Memorizers, It is pleasure for me to invite you to MEMORIAD 2008 which will be held on 1 - 2 November in Istanbul, Turkey. The detailed timetable of Memoriad-2008 is given below; 30th October Arrivals 31st October City Tour of Istanbul for Participants 1st November - Memoraid Day - 1 Numbers Marathon, Mental Multiplications, Names & Faces, Mental Square Roots 2nd November - Memoraid Day - 2 Speed Cards, Mental Calendar Dates, Binary Digits, Mental Additions Evening - 5 - 7 p.m Prizes and Medals Ceremony + Cocktail 2nd - 3rd November Departures Attending to city tour of Istanbul on 31st of October is optional. So participants may choose to arrive on 30th or 31st of October. In addition to medals and titles, for every category there is also cash money prizes for the winners. The categories are; 1-) Mental Additions, 2-) Mental Multiplications, 3-) Mental Square Roots, 4-) Mental Calendar Dates, 5-) Speed Cards, 6-) Names and Faces, 7-) Numbers Marathon, 8-) Binary Digits, 9-) Photographic Reading. (excluded in 2008) You can find more information as well as the online registration form at THE DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION : 21 SEPTEMBER 2008 Participants are responsible for their accommodation and travel expenses. But reasonable hotel reservations will be organised by Memoriad Organization. Hotel bills for a single room would be between 75 - 90 Euro per night. We are still negotiating with the hotels for lower prices for early reservations. Competitors are advised to register earlier and send their detailed flight schedules as soon as possible to info[at]memoriad[dot]com email address. We are looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul, Turkey. Best Wishes, Melik Duyar On Behalf of MEMORIAD COMMITTEE info[at]memoriad[dot]com For details, please have a look at If there are any questions, please contact info[at]memoriad[dot]com. Any questions and remarks on organisation of the mental calculation event can be sent to me at ralflaueinfo[at]memoriad[dot]com (I have the pleasure to be the mental calculation referee.) Ralf Laue