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Speed Reading - Auckland

Bill Jarrard's picture
Wednesday, 7 September 2011 - 9:00am - 12:30pm

Buzan's Range & Rapid Reading - Move beyond Speed Reading to Managing Information Overload

Can you read 1,000 words a minute?  With the information glut you face daily, reading 1,000 words a minute with full comprehension has become a necessary business skill.  Buzan’s Range and Rapid Reading techniques work with how your mind works and give you the skills to effectively handle and manage information, enabling you to keep one step ahead. 


Today's fast paced world demands the ability to rapidly cover and absorb enormous amounts of new information.  It has been estimated by the United Nations that a professional in most fields needs to be able to read at least 400 Words per Minute in order to just keep abreast of what is happening in their field.  Yet most people read at 300 WPM or less.  This makes most professionals functionally illiterate!  


When properly applied and used to their full extent range and rapid reading techniques allow people to:

  • Double and even triple their current reading speed
  • Increase reading comprehension
  • Finally deal with the pile of paper in the inbox, the pile of reports and magazines in the corner, and the unread books on the bookshelf.
  • Use Mind Maps® to aid recall of the material they have read