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Survival Tips for Parents

Pre-emptive strike - be prepared with inexpensive and fun things to do with the kids over the break. 

Busy parents...

Lateral Thinking for unqiue new ideas

Edward de Bono is the inventor of the term Lateral Thinking, a deliberately provocative way of helping you shift...

The Mindwerx Applied Creativity & Innovation process is based on the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving process of divergent-convergent thinking. 

This proven...

Parallel Thinking for Teamwork

Edward de Bono is a leader in critical and creative thinking, and his Six Thinking Hats is powerful tool for teamwork,...

Here is the Official Buzan Mind Map on the laws of Mind Mapping  

Quick start Guide:7 steps to better thinking

  1. Set your purpose/goal.
  2. Start in the...
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