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DCI-01 - Welcome & Program Introduction

Applied Creativity & Innovation
Fully Detailed Introduction to the Program

This is the first working eModule in the Deliberate Creativity & Innovation online program, and whether you are working through the complete program, or even just planning to view just a few of the program eModules, this is a must see lesson to put the program in complete context.  It has 4 videos totalling 33 minutes.

If you would rather see a short 9 minute introduction to the program go to DCI-00 Preview of Deliberate Creativity & Innovation.  But this eModule not only gives you an overview to the program, it introduces you to some of the key principles behind deliberate creativity and innovation.

Because we want you to fully appreciate the comprehensive nature of the complete program, we have made this eModule just 99ยข.  And because it is key part of the program assessment we want you to 'purchase' it by adding it to your Cart and going through the buying process. 

This will prompt the system to give you a UserId and Password which then gives you access to this eModule and a couple of other things.

Again it is a comprehensive lesson that contains:

  • Introductions - Lecturer, participants and course
  • Course overview, approach, books, reading, expectations
  • Introduction to using the modules
  • 4 videos totalling 33 mins

Once you have viewed this module you will be in a position to decide how you want to participate in the online learning process.  You can then purchase the complete set of eModules, or just those individual eModules you want.

For more information see our Online Academy overview page and the Deliberate Creativity & Innovation program page.

And if you want to discuss how we can adapt this program for your organisation, please email Bill on bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com.

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