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DCI-02 - Introduction to Deliberate Creative Thinking

Deliberate Creativity and Innovation
Introduction to Deliberate Creative Thinking

In this eModule you will learn that creative thinking is a deliberate skill you can learn, and you will be introduced to a proven approach to critical thinking for creative endeavour.  Start now to learn how to drive innovation with individual creativity. 

  • 3 videos totalling 29 mins
  • Power of perception, reactive-passive-deliberate thinking
  • Applied Creativity & Innovation model
  • Exercise – Take the Mindwerx Creativity Survey

This eModule introduces concepts and models that form the foundation of Deliberate Creativity and Innovation, and is highly recommended as a great starting point for your learning.

Once you have done this eModule you will be prepared to participate on any other eModules in the program.

Price: AU$27.23
Inc GST Price: AU$29.95